Leukeran for Dogs and Cats

The common dose for cats Chlorambucil for cats and dogs with IBD is a popular drug used to combat certain types of cancer and immune-mediated disorders in pets. This medicament belongs to immunosuppressants, has the anti-neoplastic effect helping to manage the benign processes in the blood and lymphatic systems.

How to take Leukeran Correctly?

First of all, it is urged to visit a vet before starting the therapy with Leukeran for cats. Only the specialist can prescribe the dosage that will not cause overdose and reduce the probability of collateral damage manifestation.

The common dose for cats is 0,05-0,1 mg per pound (0,1 to 0,2 mg/kg). The drug is taken one time a day orally. In some cases, veterinarians prescribe Leukeran dosed at 0.125 to 0.25 mg per pound (0.25 to 0.5 mg/kg). It should be taken orally every 2 or 3 days (48-72 hours).

The common dose for dogs is 0,1 mg per pound (0,2 mg/kg). It is supposed to be taken orally for 14 days, later the dose is lowered to 0,05 mg per pound (0,1 mg/kg). It may be combined with a dose of Prednisone. This Chlorambucil treatment in dogs is to be prescribed by a vet.

Important! Pet’s fluids (secretory products) like urine, saliva, faces, and vomit shouldn’t be toughed for 48 hours after each intake of the drug.

Missed Dose

If the dose has been missed, the next dose is to be taken as soon as the person who treats the pet remembers about the drug. If it is time to take the next pill, it is necessary to with the regular schedule. Two doses are not given at once. It can be harmful, cause side effects, allergy or overdose.

Contradictions and Restrictions

Leukeran is prohibited to be taken in the following cases:Chlorambucil for cats and dogs with IBD

  • pet’s pregnancy
  • high hypersensitivity to the main component of the drug
  • preexisting bone marrow depression or infection
  • simultaneous treatment with some other medicaments (antineoplastic, immunosuppressive, corticosteroid, Amphotericin-B, ABM, etc.)

Adverse Reactions

Side effects can be of gastrointestinal and neurotoxic nature. A pet may suffer from vomiting, poor appetite, diarrhea, seizures, tremors, agitation, myoclonus. Alopecia as well as slow re-growth of cut hair can manifest in the following breeds like Poodles and Kerry Blue Terriers.  Sometimes Leukeran treatment causes blood disorders like anemia.

The most widespread signs of collateral damage are swelling of the head and vomiting. This can be an allergic reaction as well. Stop taking the medicament if this happens to avoid complications.

Leukeran is registered to be used in humans only, but it has shown brilliant results in curing felines and canines. Therefore, veterinarians prescribe it as a common treatment. It is a prescription drug which means that it cannot be bought freely online or in the local drugstores. This is because Chlorambucil is a strong agent and can be life-threatening if taken without doctor’s consultation. Self-treatment is no way possible. Leukeran isn’t approved by FDA for use in pets, but it is a legal remedy that is legally sold as the extra-labeled drug and is used to treat pets. Veterinarians recognize its effectiveness.