Leukeran and Alcohol

Drugs and treatment is a very popular question. Nevertheless, there are ailments that require special attention and conditions of life. Cancer is one of them. Is it allowed to take alcohol and Leukeran?  Long story short – no way. Some doctors give an outright denial even of little doses of alcohol. However, there are some nuances that should be taken into account.

Chemotherapy methods of treatment presuppose the use of toxic antitumor drugs that have a harmful effect on malignant cells.  In the treatment of cancerous processes, chemotherapeutic techniques are always used to stop the development of cancer and its spread, or completely rid the cancer patient of the tumor.

Chemotherapy and Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol intake is strictly prohibited during the treatment as it increases the risk of gastric bleeding and other disorders. It is written in the instruction to the drug. Knowing the number of possible chemotherapeutic consequences, it becomes clear that chemotherapy and alcohol things are strictly opposite and incongruous. Moreover, chemotherapeutic treatment is usually prescribed for malignant tumors, in the development of which alcohol can play a role. There is no scientifically substantiated confirmation, but nevertheless, it is sometimes possible to trace a certain pattern of cancerous lesions in people who are excessively addicted to alcohol. This is explained by the fact that toxic alcohol metabolites act as a trigger mechanism that activates the processes of the appearance of various oncogenes. Therefore, malignant pathologies and alcohol are interrelated, although not always interdependent.

In severe cases, the therapeutic effect of Leukeran when combined with alcohol will be reduced to zero. In addition, with chemotherapy involving alcohol, problems arise such as:

  • sudden and dangerous deterioration of health, poor health of the patient;
  • active metastasis of the primary tumor process;
  • lack of therapeutic effectiveness;
  • rapid oncology progression;
  • increase the likelihood of a fatal outcome of a malignant pathology

Irritation to the Stomach

Taking alcohol with Leukeran can cause much damage to the stomach. A patient can experience nausea and heartburn. Those who suffer from mouth sores will notice the aggravation of the problem.

Liver Overstrain

It is a well-known fact that most drugs are excreted from the body via the liver. So, if a patient takes alcohol, he put an additional strain on the liver. It is an additional stress for the liver that is supposed to metabolize chemicals of drugs and alcoholic beverages. It is extra damage to this organ.

Damage of the Bone Marrow Function

It is not a popular fact, but alcohol affects the function of the bone marrow. It can abuse the production of the main cells and platelets. Patients suffering from blood and marrow cancers (leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma and etc.) can experience analyses deterioration.

It is not worth risking during the intake of Leukeran in order to avoid dramatic impact and unpredictable consequences.